East Rock Institute’s 12th Annual Teach Korea Workshop

What We Can Learn from Korean and Korean-American Women: Lessons for a Globalizing World and the #MeToo Generation

  • December 7, 2:30pm to 8:00pm
  • December 8, 2:30pm to 8:oopm
  • Yale School of Medicine
  • Amistad Building, Room 112
  • 10 Amistad Street, New Haven, CT

Come hear stories about women’s lives through Korean history—from ancient nomadic cultures through traditional agrarian societies and modern industrialized Korea.

Learn about the pivotal roles women have played in shaping Korean culture and the Korean Diaspora, including:  traditional Korean women in public domain. 18th century entrepreneur and philanthropist Kim Manduk; the Jeju diving women and modern noted working women and Ewha student protesters. Discussion of comparing Korean women to that of China, Japan, American and other cultural women. Further your ideas on the global #MeToo movement from the new perspectives of Korean and Korean American women.

 Join interactive discussions on personal and cultural identity, leadership and human relations in the context of workshop explorations.

Teach Korea Corps Faculty, Advisors and Contributors

  • Dr. Hesung Chun Koh, East Rock Institute Co-Founder and Chair (Korean and Comparative Culture)
  • Ms. Meera Choi, Yale University, Sociology Doctoral Student
  • Mr. Hyun Jae Jung, President, Yale Korean Graduate Professional Student Association (Architecture)
  • Ms. Julia Kim, Harvard University World Leadership Fellow (Finance and Banking)
  • Dr. Kun-Yong Kim, Yale School of Medicine, Stem Cell Researcher
  • Bob Osburne, World Civilization and History, New Haven Career High School teacher,  ERI board member (Philosophy, Business Administration and Education)   
  • Ms. Hyosun Park, Education Specialist,  ERI Research Fellow
  • Dr. Kyung-Seo Park, ERI Managing Director, Environmental Scientist
  • Dr. Christopher Y. Park, Associate Prof. NYU Medical School, ERI  Board President
  • Ms. In Sook Seol, Korean Cultural Foundation, Founder Art history
  • Charles Smith, MBA, ERI Board Secretary, Human resources  management
  • Dr. Leah Stambler, Professor Emerita of History, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Dr. Heseung Song, Mighty Engine CEO, ERI Board Member(Developmental Psychology/Education)
  • Dr. Yong Joo Song, CT Korean School Principal (Education)
  • Atty. Terri Stangl, Former Executive Director of the Center for Civil Justice (Michigan)
  • Rev. Dr. YangHee Christine Stopka, Hartford Hospital Chaplain, ERI Board member

The 12th Annual Teach Korea Corps is made possible with support from the Overseas Koreans Foundation, Yale Korean Graduate Professional Student Association, CT Saturday Korean School, Yale Office of International Students &  Scholars, and the Yale Asian American Cultural Center.

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