ERI Advisers

  • 김정기 총장, 현 경남도립거창대학교 총장. 1996년부터 창원대학교 행정학과 교수로 재직 중이며, 충북대학교 행정학과를 졸업하고 미국 Houston대학교 대학원 정치과학 박사학위를 취득했다. 창원대학교 사회과학연구소장, 행정대학원 부원장, 국제교류센터 소장, 다문화진흥원 원장 등 대학 주요 보직을 역임하였으며, 경상남도 선거관리위원회 선거여론조사 공정심의위원회 위원 등으로 활동해 왔다.
    Dr. Kim introduced 100 excellent high school students from Changwon and Geochang to ERI/Yale/WC for the past five years for authentic leadership training, and spent nine month working closely with Dr. Heseung Koh and leaders of ERI/Yale/WC in cross cultural aging initiate during his sabbatical year as visiting scholar at Yale/ERI/WC. He has been the member of core leaders developing the past 4 international conferences related on aging care and senor living that ERI initiated and took leadership.
  • F. Don James Ph.D.
    Former President Central Connecticut State University
  • Earl D. Weiner
    Esq. Sullivan & Cromwell
  • Prof. Kyung-Soo Chun, Ph.D.
    Anthropology, Seoul National University

ERI Fellows

  • Mr. Peter Herndon taught history and social studies in New Haven Public Schools for thirty-six years, from 1968 to 2005. He has been an active member of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute since its inception in I977 and has written over a dozen published curriculum units under the direction of Yale University professors. Since 1990, be was a founding member and facilitator for the ongoing Cooperative International Studies Program, a consortium in which urban and suburban high school students engage in collaborative learning projects. From 2006 through this current year, Peter has served as Conference Facilitator and has assisted in conference planning and recruiting of public school teachers. Peter also served as a facilitator and editor for a series of teacher-developed curriculum units for a Connecticut-awarded Teaching American History grant from 2005 to 2007. Since retiring from full-time classroom teaching, Peter has worked as an Instructional Coach in New Haven Public Schools, mentoring new high school teachers who wish to improve their content knowledge and classroom management skills. Peter currently lives with his wife Pamela; they are proud parents of two adopted Korean children. He also serves as an elder at Westville Bible Chapel in New Haven, CT.
  • Charles L. Riley is the Librarian for African Studies at Yale University. He has served as a consulting editor to East Rock Institute since 2003, participating in several of its conferences and editing some issues of its journal, the Korean and Korean American Studies Bulletin. During his time as a student in Dakar, Senegal, he tutored the South Korean ambassador there in English. He later returned to Senegal as a US Peace Corps Volunteer, becoming fluent in languages including Wolof, Mandinka, and Jakhanke. While at Yale, he has contributed to the technical infrastructure available to support African languages including Vai, Bamum, Bassa, and Amharic.
  • 김영애 Youngaie Kim holds a degree in English from WooSuk University, completed coursework in Library Science at SungKyunKwan University (Library Science), and completed advanced training in Administration at Korean National Open University, working as a librarian for the Presidential Advisory Committee for Educational Policy (1989-1994).
    Ms. Kim also served as head of the Office of International Affairs, SNU Library, and served as representative of the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) at Seoul National University Library (1994-2008). She was a visiting librarian at Yale University Library (Korean Studies Librarian) (2009-2014) and has been Project Managing Director, Geochang Global Camp and Member of Policy Research Materials project at Sejong Nat’l Library (2015- present). Ms. Kim has been an active volunteer at East Rock Institute for the past several years as ERI’s Protocol Officer in a wide range of programs including the ERI library and archive digitization projects. Ms. Kim has been cheerfully serving as the key liaison between supporters of ERI in the U.S. and Korea for Gala 2015.
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