ERI Staff Member

  • Mia P Oram, Managing Director
    Ms. Oram brings 30-plus years of work experience in such diverse fields as technical electronic engineering, education, business management, banking, and financial planning to her role as East Rock Institute’s new Managing Director.
    Ms. Oram has received numerous honors for her work, including several accolades for employee excellence at TranSwitch Corp., a semiconductor company, and a community recognition/appreciation/excellence works in Connecticut.
  • 장은영 (Eunyoung Jang), Office Manager
    Eunyoung Jang joined ERI since 2009. She earned her M.A. in TESOL at Central Michigan University, and her B.A. in Educational Technology and Elementary Education at Ewha Women’s University (in Seoul, Korea). She also is a teacher and a Treasurer at CT Saturday Korean School. Her husband, Dr. Chulguen Yang, is an Associate Professor in the MIS School of Business at Southern Connecticut State University. She has two sons, Timothy and Titus.