ERI Staff Member

  • 장은영 (Eunyoung Jang), Director of Administration
    Eunyoung Jang joined ERI since 2009. She earned her M.A. in TESOL at Central Michigan University, and her B.A. in Educational Technology and Elementary Education at Ewha Women’s University (in Seoul, Korea). She also is a teacher and a Treasurer at CT Saturday Korean School. Her husband, Dr. Chulguen Yang, is an Associate Professor in the MIS School of Business at Southern Connecticut State University. She has two sons, Timothy and Titus.
  • 박경서 (Kyung-Seo Park), Managing Director and Environmental Scientist
    Kyung-Seo Park is an ERI managing director and environmental scientist. Park received his MS and PhD degrees from University of Michigan in Resource Ecology and Management and has had worked as a research associate in the school of Environment and Sustainability until 2018. His research mainly focuses on international transferability of ecosystem assessment techniques and tools. In that way, environmental health and management strategies can accurately be assessed and managed by understanding regional specific anthropogenic stressors and impacts. He also has interest in cross-cultural differences in human life and practices that may influence human-environment relationship differently in various regions, countries, and continents. His wife, Dr. Kun-Yong Kim, is an Associate Research Scientist, conducting stem cell research at Yale University. He has tow daughters, Jessica and Claire.
  • Terri L. Stangl, Volunteer
    Terri received a B.A. in Psychology at Yale University where she collaborated with Professor Koh on research and paper Interhousehold Cooperation As An Adaptive Strategy of Poor Women: An Illustration of the Uses of the Human Relations Area Files Cultural Information System.” Her legal practice in Michigan focused on addressing systemic poverty issues in state and federal courts, administrative agencies, and through legislation. She was Director of
    Litigation and Training for Legal Services of Eastern of Michigan and then founded the Center for Civil Justice which was recognized for its poverty advocacy by both the Food Research and Action Center in Washington D.C. and the Michigan League for Public Policy. She was the first woman President of the Saginaw County Bar Association and elected to the Representative Assembly of the State Bar. She was the Co-Chair of the State Bar’s Committee on Justice Initiatives for 8 years. While in Michigan Terri was very active in developing and mentoring new and diverse generations of advocates and managers, She designed and presented substantive, skills, and management training programs throughout the country.
    Since retiring from the practice of law and relocating, Terri has been working on individual and organizational strategies for relieving stress, with emphasis on the use of flotation tanks and interactive seminars. She has helped to open dedicated float centers in 3 states.

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